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Most people would agree that nothing beats the heat and humidity on a hot summer's day like a dip in a cool swimming pool. And one of Hershey Park's earliest offerings was just that. The park's first attempt, an earthen pool, existed but a short time, being washed out by severe flooding from a storm in July of 1908.


It would be replaced by a more permanent concrete one as seen in this recently acquired rare photo. It was located in what is now commonly referred to as "The Hollow".


Think flat area between the Comet station and lift hill and Spring Creek.

image (1).png

This early aerial view gives the best view of the pool's location. From upper left to lower : ball field, swimming pool, man-made skating pond with first Electric Fountain, Spring Creek.

The pool would quickly become one of the most popular (and most photographed) areas of the park.

A toboggan slide using wood sleds would be added and later replaced by another with a dip during the pool's almost 20 years in existence.

image (2).png
image (4).png
image (3).png

One lesser known fact is that this little fella...The Boy With the Leaking Boot (pictured below), or more accurately known as this in the catalog...had his first home in Hershey at the base of the slide.

image (7).png
image (6).png
image (9).png

Watching bathers became so popular that a grandstand designed for viewing was added to accommodate the numerous spectators.

 The pool closed after the1928 season when it was replaced by a much larger one located at the intersection of Park Boulevard and West Derry Road.

The catchphrase "Brings the seashore to your door" came about because of its sandy "beach" area, opened in July of 1929.


Many older locals fondly remember that pool which closed after the 1971 season.  The last vestige of the pool, a light house, was removed several years ago.

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