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This year’s preservation events feature the annual tour and the introduction of an annual heritage event, La Festa Italiana. We’re celebrating what we do best in our own backyard: celebrating the community, and the preservation of… PLACES. PEOPLE. PIECES of history.

Preservation Tour

Saturday, September 30. 10:00 am. 12:30 pm. 3:00 pm.


Join us for our 12th annual Preservation Tour: The Next Tour Starts Here. Revisit the end of the Factory tours and taste our way through Reese’s history. We’ll board the trolley and learn about the origins of the Cup (and Kup) Kings - HB Reese's "The Original" Peanut Butter Cup and Monty Stover's King-Kup. Hear stories of other local chocolatiers, view special displays for this day only, and enjoy chocolate pairings at the museum for a sweet and savory end to our one-of-a-kind tour.

The Big Night at the Barn

Friday, October 13. 6:00 pm.

The Big Night at the Barn is a prelude to La Festa Italiana. We will welcome Italian food trucks, sell Senape’s famous pizza, and host a showing of the movie, Big Night, rated R and starring Stanley Tucci, outside at the Barn. This community event is a tribute to preserving the festive heritage of Italians in Hershey. Open to the community. No ticket required.

Preservation Gala

Saturday, October 14. 5:00 pm (FULL) and 7:15pm.

26th Annual Preservation Gala:  La Festa Italiana – Quintessential Flavors of Sicily. Celebrating the historic heritage of our town’s unique Italian culture, this event toasts to the melodies, art, and community of local families, with a signature focus on regional food offerings with each annual event. Homemade, from-scratch Sicilian recipes will be prepared by locals, with wine pairings for each small plate course. A foodie event like no other, savor tastes and flavors that can only be found here for one night. The evening will feature live Italian music, intimate dining in the museum, a special Art of Italy exhibition, and silent & live auctions.


Please be a sponsor for the Annual Preservation Event.  Your support and attendance for these series of events contributes to the celebration of our heritage and is a transformative, tangible act to participate in preservation. (Prospectus)

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