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Explore the history of coffee - how it was discovered and spread across the world.

Saturday, June 22 | 9:00am - Noon

Presented by Vincent Caloiero

Discover where coffee plants are grown and the varieties of coffee plants that are most common.

  • How coffee is harvested and processed.

  • How coffee is stored and shipped.

  • How coffee is roasted and packaged.

  • How coffee is brewed and tasted.

In this 3 hour immersive experience, you will be smelling and tasting coffees from around the world.

Tasting #1 - Compare the two most common coffee species: Arabica and Robusta.

Tasting #2 - 3 to 4 coffees from different origins. We will look at the combination of growing conditions at origin and unique processing methods on how they impact flavor. 

Tasting #3 - We will see how three different roasting levels impact the flavor of the same coffee.


Come learn all about coffee and get the answers to questions you have always wondered about.

Pre-registration and payment is required.

Program fee: $20. Member discount: $15.

Limited to 25 participants.

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