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A Hershey Detective in the Early 1900s.
Third Installment

Ralph's great grandson, Marc Del Priore, tells this about his great grandfather.

"My great grandfather, Ralph Fiore, was an Italian immigrant who came to America for a new life. He eventually settled in the newly created town of Hershey, Pennsylvania. He became friends with Milton S. Hershey, who shared with Ralph his plan to create a town full of respect, family, and community. Mr. Hershey was a wonderful man and entrepreneur who loved to share and give back to his employees who worked in the town he built."


Family lore claims Mr. Hershey asked Ralph to travel up and down the east coast to find other Italian Americans who would be interested in building the town of Hershey. Mr. Hershey knew that the Italians were very skilled craftsmen in working with stone and would be able to build a beautiful community.


Mr. Hershey hired Ralph as a private detective and chief of police of the new town of Hershey. Ralph did an excellent job keeping the streets clean and safe for families and children. He not only watched over the town to make sure everyone was staying in line, but was also to make sure the people were having fun.

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