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A Hershey Detective in the Early 1900s.
Second Installment

Marc Del Priore first contacted us in August of 2023, looking for information about his great grandfather, Ralph Fiore, who allegedly served as a police officer during the early days of the Hershey community.


Marc visited HHC, launching early research efforts that proved fruitful and lead to a plethora of news articles chronicling the feats of his great grandfather between the years of 1915 and 1922. 


Early law enforcement efforts were vaguely familiar to us, but we had no idea of the scope of the success that this one individual attained. 


Marc provided census records and other documentary materials to substantiate his great grandfather's life in Hershey.  Added to that material, Ralph's heroics are well documented in the news throughout his years in Hershey.

Ralph's successful policing is first referenced in the Lebanon Daily News edition of December 3, 1915. Many successful exploits follow. 

Next installment, hear Marc's story of his great grandfather.
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