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A Hershey Detective in the Early 1900s.
Fourth Installment

Apparently, Ralph liked parades.  In May 1918, he proposed to Mr. Hershey that they should organize an Italian American Parade and that he would manage the entire event. The parade was a huge success, and everyone was very impressed at how coordinated the event was.


That same year he organized the Scouts to parade for the sale of Liberty Bonds.

Even the best sometimes slip up.

At some point, it appears that Mr. Hershey gifted Ralph with the house at 46 East Areba Avenue for $1.  When the Fiore family returned to Italy, Ralph sold the house to Fred Pronio.  

Ralph's children were Ida Fiore, born 1918 in Hershey, and her older brother Ralph and older sister Alma.

News articles chronicle what must have been a harrowing experience for the family. In August of 1919, Ida's older brother accidentally shot her when she was just a year old. The injury was critical, but Ida survived.

Eventually Ralph Fiore decided to move back to Italy with his family where he stayed and continued to raise his family.   
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