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This well-preserved and well-maintained graveyard is located just off Park Avenue along Smith Alley and behind the residence at 333 Park Avenue. Between 1825 and 1830, the church was built and shared by a number of congregations. While the exact beginning of this cemetery is difficult to determine, in 1948, the oldest legible stone, written in German script, dated to the year 1783.

After the initial record of the stones was made in 1998, a high school German teacher volunteered to help with the interpretation of the German script used for so many of the stones. A map showing the relative position of the remaining stones is available. The remaining stones are not in regular rows and are becoming increasingly difficult to read. The cemetery is currently owned and maintained by the First United Methodist Church in Hershey. This cemetery is considered inactive as no burials are currently allowed.

Unfortunately, the location is not documented on the map of Derry Township published in The Dauphin County Historical Atlas of 1875. Additional information about these early settlers may be available by contacting the Derry Township Historical Society at 40 Northeast Drive, Hershey PA 17033 or by contacting us by email.

Photo courtesy of William  Fraley

We would be happy to conduct a cemetery search or do more extensive research for you.  The cemetery search would include all Derry Township cemeteries plus others that are closely associated with our township.  Most of the names in our cemetery database are not available elsewhere on the Internet.  The cost is $5 per surname and you may supply up to three alternate spellings (total of four).  If you find your ancestors in the list below and require additional information, please contact us

For more thorough research, please request a copy of our research policy.   In addition, our obituary list and our name index of “lost and found” ancestors may be of interest to you.  Please check our main library page for these and other links, as we continue to update our information on line.

Names carved on the stones in this cemetery include:

Condran Cyrus
Condran Cyrus
Condran Edith
Condran Elizabeth J
Condran Ida
Condran James Edward
Condran Sarah J.
Condran Susan
Demuth Abraham
Demuth Katie
Demuth Morris
Demuth Sarah Ann
Gingrich David ?
Gingrich Maria
Gipe Mary
Gordon Maria M.
Gordon William
Goss Nancy
High Sarah
Hollinger ? William
Howard Martha
Howard William
Kettering Magdalina
Landis Anna
Landis Annie
Landis Barbara
Landis C W
Landis Elizabeth
Landis Isaac
Landis Isaac
Landis Johannes
Landis John
Landis M W
Landis Samuel
Landis Susanna
Martin Catherine
Martin Thomas
McClurg James
McClurg Juliann
Miller Clara
Miller Ida
Smith Christian
Smith Thomas
Wissore Henry
Wissore Louis
Wittmyer John
Wolf /Landis? Margaret?
Wolf ? Christopher
Yingst Abraham
Yingst Anna
Yingst Anna
Yingst John
Yingst Marta

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