Preservation Process

 Since 1997, the Preservation Awards are presented annually to residential, commercial and historic buildings and properties throughout Derry Township. The criteria is basic in scope, though limited to the evaluation of the exterior of the property, inclusive of landscaping and overall property preservation and maintenance. Careful attention is given to first, the preservation of the nominated property, and second, application of like-materials in the restoration and/or modifications of the nominated property.

The Preservation Committee independently presents potential nominees for the annual Award roster, though property owners are encouraged to submit a nomination form for inclusion on the annual roster.
Specific criteria is detailed and applicant information is required on the nomination form (see link below).
Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis through June 15.

The Preservation Committee meets annually in early April and develops a roster of nominees for the current year, and finalizes all nominees by vote after the June 15 deadline. The Committee conducts site reviews in collaboration with a historic preservation consultant and selects the annual recipients by mid-July.

For additional information or questions regarding the Preservation Awards please call the Society at 717-520-0748 or email

To download the Preservation Award nomination form click here!