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(Photo above courtesy of Floyd Moyer)

This nearly forgotten old burial ground can be found on the property of Highmeadow Campground off Route 39 in Derry Township. In 1998, only one tombstone remained in an unprotected area behind the barn under a clump of trees. With the assistance of a high school German teacher, we believe the stone marks the final resting place of Catharina Heinrich, the daughter of Jacob and Maria Heinrich. She died March 2 ? , 1837 at the age of 2 years, 15 days, or perhaps 115 days. The carving is done in German script on the brownstone marker.

According to a recording done by Ira D. Landis on August 30, 1954, and found in the files of Donald Koons, several others were also buried there at one time. It is not known if the others in the list were exhumed and taken to different cemeteries after 1954, or if the stones have been vandalized. Unfortunately, the burial ground is not documented on the map of Derry Township published in the Dauphin County Historical Atlas of 1875 which it clearly should have been since this burial ground was in use as early as 1837.

The Landis list reports the information on the remaining stone as Catharine, daughter of Henry and Maria Landis with a death date of March 21, 1837 and an age of 2 years, 15 days. Because of the similarities in the death date and the age, we conclude the stone recorded in 1954 is the same as the stone remaining today but the information differs.

Normally, when two readings of a stone differ, we tend to rely more on the earlier reading however, in this case, the words "Jacob & Maria" are still quite legible. The surname Heinrich is somewhat weathered and perhaps it should be Landis but it also may have been wishful thinking on the part of the recorder in 1954.

We know that for some time prior to 1843, the farm was the property of George and Elizabeth (Balsbaugh) Landis because the date stone in the barn in carved "G. & E. Landis 1843". Elizabeth is believed to have been the second wife of George Landis. If anyone has information about children of a "Jacob and Maria" Heinrich (or the children of a "Henry and Maria" Landis), we would appreciate hearing from you!

We would be happy to conduct a cemetery search or do more extensive research for you.  The cemetery search would include all Derry Township cemeteries plus others that are closely associated with our township.  Most of the names in our cemetery database are not available elsewhere on the Internet.  The cost is $5 per surname and you may supply up to three alternate spellings (total of four).  If you find your ancestors in the list below and require additional information, please contact us

For more thorough research, please request a copy of our research policy.   In addition, our obituary list and our name index of “lost and found” ancestors may be of interest to you.  Please check our main library page for these and other links, as we continue to update our information on line.

Names carved on the stones that were once in this cemetery include:

Henry Catharina
Landis Catharina
Kauffman Anna
Steiner Catharine
Steiner ???

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