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Although no markers remain in the suggested location of this cemetery today, the Hoffman Cemetery is believed to have been situated west of the Gingrich Cemetery that is along the Old Hershey Road. According to local historian Donald Koons, the cemetery was located a short distance south of the Lehman (Vian) Schoolhouse but on the opposite side of the rise from where the Gingirch Cemetery is still located. According to Koons, there were 12-14 stones there at one time that have all since disappeared.


During the 1960s, four stone tops were found in a pile of rubble and were removed and placed in a garden near a waterfall. Only initials were carved on the stones. The initials are carved in different fonts. Two stones carved in a plain font bear the initials A M F and G F while two other stones, with a fancier font bear the initials U M T and M T. No identification of the individuals commemorated by the stones has ever been made but the description of where they were found matches Donald Koon's description of the location of the Hoffman Farm Cemetery.




According to the log of the Fishburn Cemetery, Susan Snavely who died August 25, 1849 was taken from here and moved to the Fishburn Cemetery.

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