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This quaint little graveyard can be found about 1½ mile south of Hershey on Bachmanville Road. Its location is documented on the map of Derry Township in the Dauphin County Historical Atlas of 1875, p. 69. There it is recorded as the Hershey Church Cemetery. The neatly ordered rows contain a mix of relatively new and very old headstones. The oldest grave is that of Abraham Hershey, son of Isaac and Mary Hershey, who died in 1845.

Milton S. Hershey's father, Henry, was originally buried here and a large family monument marking the original grave still stands. On October 12, 1920, Milton Hershey arranged for his father's body to be moved to the family plot in the Hershey Cemetery. This cemetery is adjacent to the Hershey Reformed Mennonite Church and was established about 1845. It was in this church that members of the Hershey family preached through the 19th century.

The cemetery is believed to be owned by the Reformed Mennonite Church and is also known as the Old Hershey Meeting House Cemetery, the Hershey Church Cemetery, and the Bachmanville Road Cemetery. The graveyard was recorded in 1995 and about 200 stones remain today. 

We would be happy to conduct a cemetery search or do more extensive research for you.  The cemetery search would include all Derry Township cemeteries plus others that are closely associated with our township.  Most of the names in our cemetery database are not available elsewhere on the Internet.  The cost is $5 per surname and you may supply up to three alternate spellings (total of four).  If you find your ancestors in the list below and require additional information, please contact us

For more thorough research, please request a copy of our research policy.   In addition, our obituary list and our name index of “lost and found” ancestors may be of interest to you.  Please check our main library page for these and other links, as we continue to update our information on line.

The names carved on the stones are listed below:

Ainsworth  Daisy Myers  Hershey  Nancy 
Behney  Emma K. Wenger  Hershey  Jacob 
Blessing  Phebe Ann  Hershy  Anna 
Blottenberger  Joseph  Hershy  Nancy 
Blottenberger  Matilda  Hugendubler  Abraham 
Bobb  Aldusl  Hugendubler  Annie 
Bolden  Jason J.  Hugendubler  Elizabeth 
Bolden  Joseph E.  Hugendubler  Ester 
Bolden  Mary C.  Hugendubler  Frank T. 
Bomberger  Christian S.  Hugendubler  Malinda 
Bomberger  Ella S.  Hugendubler  Martin 
Bricker  John  Hugendubler  Uriah 
Bricker  Sarah  Hugendubler  Violet C. 
Brunner  George  Kegerreis  Catharine 
Brunner  Mary  Kegerreis  Catharine B. 
Burns  Priscilla  Kegerreis  Catherine 
Coleman  Alfred J.  Kegerreis  Christian 
Coleman  Joseph  Kegerreis  Christian C. 
Coleman  Martin J.  Kegerreis  Edna M. 
Coleman  Ronald L.  Kegerreis  Ella F. 
Coleman  Sarah M  Kegerreis  Fianna Fausnacht 
Dean  J. Edward  Kegerreis  Frank F. 
Dean  Minnie Kulp  Kegerreis  Lizzie 
Dissinger  Elias E.  Kegerreis  Maria 
Dissinger  Helen M  Kegerreis  Mariah 
Ellinger  Anna  Kegerreis  Martin 
Ellinger  Elizabeth  Kegerreis  Rachel 
Ellinger  John H  Kegerreis  Samuel 
Eshleman  Esther  Kegerreis  Sara E. 
Etnoyer  Henry P.  Kegerreis  Sarah 
Etnoyer  Katie R.  Klopp  John J. 
Etnoyer  L. Nora  Klopp  Nellie B 
Etnoyer  Leah S.  Klopp  William J. 
Etnoyer  Mabel D.  Kope  Christiana 
Etnoyer  Stella F.  Kope  Eliza 
Evans  Emma L  Kope  Elizabeth 
Evans  George B.  Kope  John 
Evans  Maria  Kope  Jonathan 
Farver  Fred  Kope  Justina 
Farver  Kate B.  Kulp  Anna H 
Fasnacht  Effie May  Kulp  Daniel W. 
Fasnacht  Ellen  Kulp  Fianna W. 
Fasnacht  Frank  Kulp  Harry 
Fasnacht  Jacob S.  Kulp  Isaac 
Fasnacht  Mary A. Clendenin  Kulp  Jacob F. 
Faub  Susan  Kulp  Jacob M 
Fausnacht  Anna  Kulp  John H. 
Fausnacht  Catherine Weltmer  Kulp  Mary Alice 
Fausnacht  Henry B  Kulp  Menno H 
Fausnacht  Mary Shirk  Kulp  Myra Wolf 
Fawby  Frany Kope  Kulp  Priscilla A. 
Fawby  John  Leedom  Alice 
Flowers  Catharine Werner  Leedom  Amos 
Flowers  Emma S,  Leedom  David 
Flowers  George  Leedom  Early H. 
Flowers  Leah Shoop  Leedom  Emma 
Flowers  Levi  Leedom  Frank 
Flowers  Menno S.  Mackly  John 
Flowers  Thomas  Myers  Fannie E. 
Galebach  Edwin  Nornhold  Annie M. 
Galebach  Katie F.  Nye  Charley 
Galebach  Susan W.  Nye  Sarah Cope 
Gipe  Mary  Reidel  James D. 
Hawthorn  Edmund C.  Reidel  Leroy H 
Hawthorn  Malinda K  Royer  Brian J 
Herneise  John  Royer  Mary Jean 
Hershey  Abraham  Ruhl  Mary Heagy 
Hershey  Alice  Sanders  Amanda 
Hershey  Anna  Sanders  Daniel 
Hershey  Barbara B Light  Shaffer  Emma 
Hershey  Benjamin  Shaffer  Fannie S. 
Hershey  Christian  Shaffer  Franklin N 
Hershey  Elam S.  Shaffer  Harry G. 
Hershey  Elizabeth  Shaffer  Henry 
Hershey  Elizabeth  Shaffer  James B 
Hershey  Ella W. Whistler  Shaffer  James Walter 
Hershey  Fannie  Shaffer  John N 
Hershey  Fannie  Shaffer  Sarah 
Hershey  Henry  Shaffer  Sarah C. 
Hershey  Infant Dau.  Shaffer  Sarah N 
Hershey  Isaac  Spring  Jacob 
Hershey  Isaac S.  Stauffer  Addison W. 
Hershey  Israel L.  Stauffer  Barbara 
Hershey  Jacob  Stauffer  David 
Hershey  Jacob  Stauffer  Mary C. 
Hershey  Jacob H  Stump  Harry S. 
Hershey  John  Stump  Rebecca B. 
Hershey  John  Weltmer  Amos 
Hershey  John M  Weltmer  John 
Hershey  Laura L.  Weltmer  John 
Hershey  Lavinia  Weltmer  Rebecca 
Hershey  Leah  Weltmer  Susanna 
Hershey  Leah F.  Wenger  Samuel L 
Hershey  Lydia  Wenger  Susan K. 
Hershey  Malinda Matter  Wentling  Andrew 
Hershey  Martin  Wentling  Dora H. 
Hershey  Mary  Wire  Elizabeth 
Hershey  Mary  Wolf  Abraham 
Hershey  Mary A.  Wolf  Anna M 
Hershey  Mary E. Shartle  Wolf  Daniel 
Hershey  Menno F.  Wolf  John H. 
Hershey  Monroe L  Wolf  Maria 
Hershey  Morris Light  Wolf  Susanna Kegerreise 
Hershey  Nancy  Wolf  Violet Irene 

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