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The cemetery is currently owned and maintained by the Fishburn United Methodist Church Cemetery Association. Information about the burials in this cemetery was updated and significantly expanded in 1999 by volunteers of the Derry Township Historical Society. Burials in this cemetery have been printed and a very limited list has been available on the Internet for some time but such previous listings have been replaced with this more comprehensive listing. The current listing contains about 1,090 records. The cemetery is located at the intersection of Fishburn and Church Roads.

The cemetery dates from approximately 1845. In the beginning, the name appears to have been the Fishburn Meeting House Cemetery . An old manuscript, which detailed death and burial records of about 220 individuals, was found in the church archives, and made it possible to identify many previously unrecorded stones by use of partially unweathered information and the search capabilities of the computer database.

The old manuscript was a log kept by the Fishburn brothers, Philip, Peter, and John, dating from 1845 through 1894. Use of this old manuscript verified the names and dates of about 100 individuals already documented in other lists of this cemetery and allowed new entries for 141 individuals for whom no cemetery data was previously available. The oldest graves are in the rows closest to the church.

Benjamin Fishburn and his wife Sophia Snavely sold 25 square perches out of their farm on December 28, 1846 for $29.50 to Frederick Blessing, Charles Dasher, and Jonas Miller, trustees of the Church of the United Brethren for a "house of worship and a burial place." In 1946, the denomination merged with the Evangelical Church to become the" Evangelical United Brethren Church." In 1968 the denomination entered into another merger with the Methodist Church and thus became the "Fishburn United Methodist Church."

The Fishburn Cemetery has been recorded a number of times. The listing supplied here is a compilation of all known previous recordings including a listing posted on the Internet under the title Fishburn Meeting House as recorded and published by William Henry Egle in 1896 and a listing compiled by the Capital Area Genealogical Society and published in their quarterly publication, Keystone Seekers, Spring 1997, p.15. This listing was finalized in 2001 but fieldwork concluded in 2000.

The historic fence that guarded the Fishburn Road side of the cemetery was removed in 2003 due to the damage from snowplows and the expense required to repair the fence. It is not known why the cemetery is not documented on the Derry Township map published in the Dauphin County Historical Atlas of 1875. It should appear just west of the church.

We would be happy to conduct a cemetery search or do more extensive research for you.  The cemetery search would include all Derry Township cemeteries plus others that are closely associated with our township.  Most of the names in our cemetery database are not available elsewhere on the Internet.  The cost is $5 per surname and you may supply up to three alternate spellings (total of four).  If you find your ancestors in the list below and require additional information, please contact us

For more thorough research, please request a copy of our research policy.   In addition, our obituary list and our name index of “lost and found” ancestors may be of interest to you.  Please check our main library page for these and other links, as we continue to update our information on line.

Names of those buried in this cemetery include:


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