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A four-foot limestone wall with an iron gate surrounds this historic pristine graveyard. The gate was added in 1842. Even the trains traveling over a grade level crossing on Derry Road do not interrupt the peaceful solitude of those resting here. The cemetery is located on Derry Road and is documented on the map of Derry Township published in the Dauphin County Historical Atlas of 1875, pp. 48 and 69.


The land upon which the present church, manse, session house, and cemetery are situated was deeded to the Derry Presbyterian congregation in 1741 during the pastorate of the Rev. William Bertram and given by John, Thomas, and Richard Penn, sons of William Penn. The oldest grave is that of John Campbell who died in 1735. Four former pastors are buried there." Rev. William Bertram (1746), Rev. John Roan (1775), Rev. James Adair (1808), and Rev. Ira Reed (1998).


Over the years a number of recordings have been made of the stones in this cemetery. In most cases the names and dates agree. In some cases, first hand viewing, photographs, or rubbing the stone in question can reconcile differences in the recordings. In other cases, stones are badly weathered, cracked or broken where the information in question was carved. When conflicts could not be reconciled sometimes double entries were made in our database representing the same individual so that each family genealogist can consider all information available. If two entries exist, they would have the same stone number. In general, the oldest recording of the data was usually given greater consideration.


Information available on the Internet from Dave Schubert's Genealogy Page indicates that Rev Thomas Hastings Robinson, D.D., and Dr. William Henry Egle recorded the stones in July 1878. Egle later published the list in "Notes and Queries" sometime between 1879 and 1895 in a series of newspaper columns in the Harrisburg "Daily Telegraph". Egle was the State Librarian of Pennsylvania for twelve years.


Another chronicler of local cemeteries, Oscar Stroh, also published the inscriptions from Derry Presbyterian Cemetery in his booklet Dauphin County Tombstone Inscriptions.


About 1920, Clara Moyer and May Silks recorded the cemetery, and in 1980, Winifred Reed, wife of Pastor Ira O. Reed, compiled a list. Another list was prepared about 1995 by the Derry Township Historical Society and in 2000 Winifred Reed supplied an updated list of recent burials. In 2001, a volunteer of the Derry Township Historical Society compiled all of the previous lists and reconciled as many conflicting records as possible. Some problems were reconciled by trips to the cemetery but many of the stones could no longer be found or read with certainty.

In the 1930s, stones located in the Zion Lutheran Graveyard in Hummelstown were recorded as part of a Works Progress Administration project to preserve local history and provide employment by paying people to read and copy gravestones. Unfortunately when the listing was placed in the Pennsylvania State Library, the microfilm was erroneously entitled "Old Derry Church", creating additional confusion. (Please see pp. xii-xiii of the introduction to the listing of the Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery.)

A listing was also published in the Keystone Seekers, a quarterly publication of the Capital Area Genealogical Society. A map of the cemetery was also prepared with each stone being assigned a single number.


This listing was completed in 2001. 

We would be happy to conduct a cemetery search or do more extensive research for you.  The cemetery search would include all Derry Township cemeteries plus others that are closely associated with our township.  Most of the names in our cemetery database are not available elsewhere on the Internet.  The cost is $5 per surname and you may supply up to three alternate spellings (total of four).  If you find your ancestors in the list below and require additional information, please contact us

For more thorough research, please request a copy of our research policy.   In addition, our obituary list and our name index of “lost and found” ancestors may be of interest to you.  Please check our main library page for these and other links, as we continue to update our information on line.

A list of the names carved on the stones in this cemetery include:

Adair Rev. James Hostetter Patricia Lerch Patton Hugh
Anspach Frances Hughes Mark A. Patton Mary
Anspach John M. Hughes Pam R. Patton William
Baird James Hunter Mary Porter Matilda
Baird Mary Hutchison John Querry Patricia Hazen
Baird William Hutchison Joseph Querry Paul L.
Banta Margaret J. Hutchison Mary Reed Rev. Ira O.
Banta Sterling J. Johns Vivian Reed Winifred Bailey
Bark Elizabeth Johns Willard T. Reinert Geraldine S.
Bark Robert Johnson David Addison Reinert Harold W.
Bertram Elizabeth Jones Cynthia Renfer Joan R.
Bertram Rev. William Jones John Renfer William J.
Bigham Robert Jones Lydia Rhodes Mary L
Boal Ann Jones Margaret Rhodes Michael H.
Boal Elizabeth Jones Samuel Roan Rev. John
Boal James Kelly Elizabeth Robinson Agnes
Boal Thomas Kelly G.B. Penrose M.D Robinson Andrew
Bobb Alma Payne Kelly Henry Robinson Andrew
Bobb James Edward Kelly James Esq. Robinson Andrew
Boyd Benjamin Kelly James Esquire Robinson Jane
Boyd Elizabeth Kelly Patrick Robinson Jane
Boyd Elizabeth Kelly Patrick Robinson John
Boyd Esther Kelly Rachel Robinson Mary Gray
Boyd Isabella Kerr John Robinson Rachel
Boyd Jennet Laird Agnes Robinson Robert
Boyd Joseph Laird John Robinson Robert
Boyd William Levens Sabrina S. Robinson Thomas
Bradley Samuel Logan Barbara Rodgers Agnes
Brewer Harold B. Logan David Rodgers John
Brewer Lois E. Logan Elizabeth Rodgers John
Brown Lillian M. Logan Elizabeth Rogers Eleanor Boyd
Brown Robert E., Ed.D. Logan Hanna Sawyer Benjamin
Byers Elizabeth Logan Hannah Sawyer Joseph
Campbell Agnes Logan Jean Sawyer Mary
Campbell James Logan John Sawyer Sophia
Campbell James Logan John Sawyer Thomas
Campbell James Jr. Logan John Sawyer William
Campbell John Logan Thomas Sawyer William
Chambers Arthur, Sr. Logan Thomas Sharon Louisa
Chambers Elizabeth Logan William Sharon Sarah Ann
Chambers Elizabeth Martin Alexander Shaw Esther
Chambers Elizabeth Martin Ann Shuler Phillip K.
Chambers John Martin Isabella Shuler Phyllis B.
Chambers Maxwell Martin John Slesser Carrie D.
Clark Charles Martin Sarah Slesser Irvin H.
Clark Charles Strong McBay Richard Smith George R.
Clark Eleanor McCallen Isabella Smith Jean K.
Clark Eleanor McCallen Mary Smith Joan C.
Clark Elizabeth McCallen Robert Smith Louis C.
Clark Jane McCallen Robert Geddis Snoddey William
Clark Mary McCallen Sarah Snodgrass Mary Wilson
Clark Walter McCallen Thomas Speicher Fred W.
Clark William C. McCleery Michael Speicher Glenda B.
Clark William Sharon McCleery Samuel Spence David
Clarke Walter McCleery William Spence Margaret
Clemm Ann A. McCord Elizabeth Steel Catharine
Clemm James T. McCord Elizabeth Anne Taylor Agnes
Clokey Samuel McCord Jane Taylor Agnes
Craig John McCord Joseph Shannon Taylor David
Cris--- Catherine McCord Mary Taylor John
Davidson Catharine McCord Mary Ann Thompson Elizabeth
Davidson Rebecca McCord William Sr Thompson John
Davidson Robert McCorkel Franklin M. Thompson Samuel
Davidson Sarah McCorkel Jean C. Timm Luzetta O.
Davidson Susanna McDonald John Timm Lyle A.
DeYarmond Abraham Chapman McDonald Sarah / Hanah Trousdail Hannah
Dugan Alfred S. McElrath Mary Trousdail Thomas Jr.
Dugan Ruth P. McFadden Alexander Trousdail William Jr.
Evans George I., Rev. McFadden Elizabeth Trousdail William Sr.
Evans Mary B. McFadden Elizabeth VanDike Henry
Forster James McFarland John VanDike Lambert
Foster Andrew McFarland Mary Walker Archibald
Foster Rachel McFarland Mary Wallace James
Foster William McNair Ann Maria Wallace Mary
Frazer Mary McNair Ann Wallace Wallace Robert
Frazer Nancy McNair James Wallace Sarah
Frazer William McNair James Walmer Donald L.
Frazier Hadasah McNair James Walmer Ruth
Galbraith Elizabeth McNair Mary Watchorn Dorothy I.
Galbraith James McNair Mary Watchorn Robert 2nd
Galbraith James, Esq. McNair Thomas Welsh John
Geddis Jane Melony Elizabeth Wilson Eleanor
Geddis Robert Melony Nancy Wilson Hugh
Gray Mary Milliken Henry Wilson Hugh
Graydon Sarah Mitchell David Wilson James
Hamilton Elizabeth Mitchell David Wilson James Sr.
Hamilton Hugh Mitchell Priscilla Mathilda Wilson Jean
Hamilton Jean Mitchell Sarah Wilson John
Hamilton Rachel Mitchell Sarah Jane Wilson Joseph
Harris Catharine Mitchell Thomas Wilson Martha
Harris Catharine Mitchell Thomas Wilson Mary
Harris James Mitchell Zacharias Theophilus Wilson Mary
Harris William Mohler Harold S. Wilson Moses
Harris William Mohler Melda A. Wilson Moses
Hays David Moodey Jane Wilson Sables
Hays Jean Moodey Joseph Hutchison Wilson Samuel
Hays Margaret Moodey Margaret Wilson William
Hays Nancy Moodey Mary Wray Cathrine
Hays Patrick Sr Moodey Mary Wray David
Hays Robert Moodey Robert Esq. Wray Mary
Hays Sarah Moodey Robert Jr. Wray Mary C.
Hebel David Moorhead Anne Wright John
Hebel Margaret Moorhead John B. Zechman Edwin K.
Hebel Sarah Moorhead Margaret Zechman Marjorie Kurtz
Hesler Betsy Moorhead Robert Zerbe John B.
Hewlett Catherine E. Owens Clara F. Zerbe Mary Jane
Hewlett John O. Owens Robert G.   Thomas W.
Hostetter Abram Martin Park Elizabeth    
Hostetter Andrew John Park Robert    

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