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George Balsbaugh, the original owner of the land near the southeast corner of Cocoa and Governor Roads, donated land for a church and cemetery. Consequently, the church was named the Balsbaugh Church, but, according to Jay Curry, a local resident and descendent of one of the original subscribers, the cemetery was never officially connected to the Balsbaugh Church and was never officially called the Balsbaugh Cemetery.


The original governing body, called the United Christian Cemetery Association, was chartered on May 16, 1904, with the following listed as subscribers: Rev. John B. Curry of Derry Township Dauphin County, his son, Rev. Irwin K. Curry of Derry Township Dauphin County, Franklin Balsbaugh of Derry Township Dauphin County, George H. Balsbaugh of Conewago Township Dauphin County, and M. D. Landis of Palmyra, Lebanon County. The original subscribers became the first Board of Directors. After a vote of the lot holders in June of 1965, the name of the cemetery was officially changed from the United Christian Cemetery to the Broadview Cemetery.


At present, in 2005, an elected, five member Board of Directors is responsible for all decisions concerning the administration of the cemetery. The Directors are elected, as needed, at the annual June meeting of lot holders. Perpetual care is provided through a fund administered by the treasurer.

Volunteers for the Derry Township Historical Society recorded this cemetery in 1996. Photographs of most of the stones are on file at the Derry Township Historical Society. 

We would be happy to conduct a cemetery search or do more extensive research for you.  The cemetery search would include all Derry Township cemeteries plus others that are closely associated with our township.  Most of the names in our cemetery database are not available elsewhere on the internet.  The cost is $5 per surname and you may supply up to three alternate spellings (total of four).  If you find your ancestors in the list below and require additional information, please contact us.

For more thorough research, please request a copy of our research policy.  In addition, our obituary list and our name index of "lost and found" ancestors may be of interest to you.  Please check our main library page for these and other links, as we continue to update our information on line.


The names carved on the stones are listed below:

Bailey Robert L. Landis Edward S.
Bailey Robert L. Landis Harry C
Bailey Robert L. Sr Landis Irvin S.
Bailey Sherryl J. Landis Lizzie H
Bailey Shirley L. Lehman Amos H.
Baker Jacob M. Lehman Amos S.
Baker Mary Ann Lehman Arlene M.
Balsbach Emma E. Lehman Blanch
Balsbach Franklin Rev Lehman Claude Jr.
Balsbach Susannah Lehman David H.
Balsbach Susie Lehman Joseph S
Balsbaugh Aggie M Lehman Mary Alice
Balsbaugh Aggie M Lehman Mary Alice
Balsbaugh Catharine W. Lehman Mary P.
Balsbaugh Clarence O. Lehman Rose
Balsbaugh Clarence O. Lehman Treva
Balsbaugh Edgar F. Lehman Treva J.
Balsbaugh Edgar F. Lehman Violet K.
Balsbaugh George E. Lehman Wesley S.
Balsbaugh George E. Maguire John J.
Balsbaugh George H. Maguire Stella
Balsbaugh George H. Marker gold
Balsbaugh Infant Dau Markey Family marker
Balsbaugh Infant Dau Markey John C.
Balsbaugh Joseph K Markey John W.
Balsbaugh Joseph K Markey Martha C.
Balsbaugh Katie A. Markey Nancy A.
Balsbaugh Lillie M McCall Ida
Balsbaugh Margaret A. McCorkel Daniel B.
Balsbaugh Margaret A. McCorkle Ada E.
Balsbaugh Margaret A. McCorkle David S.
Balsbaugh Margaret A. McCorkle Harvey B.
Balsbaugh Ober S. McCorkle John S.
Balsbaugh Ober S. McCorkle Joseph W.
Balsbaugh Solomon S. McCorkle Kathryn A.
Balsbaugh Solomon S. McCorkle Simon P.
Balsbaugh William D. McKee twin sons
Balsbaugh William D. McKenzie Alexander
Baugher Galen B Melcher Betty K.
Baugher Leah E. Melcher Harry F.
Bennetch Mary G Miller Annie M
Bennetch Mary G Musser Donald A.
Bennetch Miles Nornhold Amos R.
Bomberger Sara E. Nornhold Edwin S.
Bomberger Seth E. Nornhold Elsie M
Bomberger Seth E. Nornhold Samuel S.
Bomgardner Leroy J. Nornhold Verna B.
Bomgardner Martha N. Nye Ralph A.
Brown Kathryn W. Nye Sara R.
Brown Lydia L Peiffer Mamie B.
Brown Lydia L. Phillips Eric W.
Brown Roy Y Phillips Family marker
Brown Roy Y Phillips Viola H.
Cake David A. Pickett Victoria Jean
Cake Marjorie E. Popoff Boris G.
Cooper Anna L. Popoff Ruth E.
Cooper Barbara Ann Reigle John H.
Cooper Charles S. Reigle Mabel
Cooper Clarence W. Reigle Mamie B
Cooper Doris J. Reigle Mary
Cooper Emma G. Reigle Mary A.
Cooper Florence A. Reigle Victoria
Cooper Infant Daughter Reigle William
Cooper Phoebe S. Risser David H.
Cooper Phoebe Shoop Risser Harry A.
Cooper William H. Risser Robert L.
Cooper William H. Risser Sara K.
Cooper (?) infant Seltzer Emma L.
Curry Ammon K. Seltzer John S.
Curry Ammon O Seltzer Mary A.
Curry Anna S. Seltzer Sarah E.
Curry Catharine K. Seltzer Susan E.
Curry Conrad K. Seltzer William S.
Curry Conrad K. Shaver Jacqueline
Curry Conrad K. Shaver Raymond A.
Curry Conrad K. Jr Shaver Raymond I
Curry Edna L.Hocker Shaver Ruth C.
Curry Emma Shelley Edna C
Curry Father Shelley Howard
Curry Henry Shepler Adeline H.
Curry Infant Shepler Alva May
Curry Infant son Shepler Betty J.
Curry Irvin K Shepler Dorothy E.
Curry Joan E. Shepler Edith M
Curry Mary Ann Shepler Eliza W.
Curry Matthew O. Shepler Elizabeth E.
Curry Myrtice Shepler Ethel May
Curry Paul O Sr. Shepler Family marker
Curry Rev John B. Shepler George R
Curry Sarah A. Shepler George W.
Curry Sarah A. Shepler Harry
Dupler George M Shepler Hiram W.
Dupler Infant dau Shepler Howard W.
Dupler Mary K Shepler Katie I
Earp Edna M Shepler Lena Lulu
Earp William J Shepler Marion I.
Eby Ernest W. Shepler Mary J
Eby Hannah S. Shepler Miles
Eby Lois R. Shepler Pauline E.
Eby Roy W. Shepler R. George
Emerich Daniel B. Shepler Riley C.
Emerich Fanny M. Shepler Riley W.
Emrich Anna S. Shepler Ross
Emrich John B. Shepler Wilbur J.
Fair Mildred J. Sherk Clarissa
Fair Richard N. Sherk Jacob C.
Fake Carol A. Sherk Jacob T.
Fishburn Annie Sando Sherk Lizzie
Fishburn D.B. Sherk Violet E. I
Fishburn Irvin Sherrick Stephen C.
Flowers Barbara B. Shoop Catharine
Flowers Frank W. Shoop Samuel M.
Flowers Martha S. Slesser John H.
Flowers Warren S. Slesser Levina H.
Forester Evelyn K. Slesser Mary Ann
Forester Kenneth P. Snyder Harry H.
Fusco Sarah Elizabeth Snyder Violet M.
Garrison Floyd J Spahr Clarence M.
Garrison Mary R. Spahr Lottie L.
Gingrich Paul M. Still Joseph H.
Graybill Franklin N Sr Still Leah
Graybill Joseph L Stoeckel Daniel
Graybill Sara R Strickler Clara
Groff Julie Ann Strickler John E.
Hair Clara Ethel S. Tinney Pauline E.
Hair John A. Tinney Victor H.
Hair John A. Tripp Allen H.
Hair John A. Jr Tripp Charlotte L.
Hair Mary E. Ung Sopor
Hair Sarah J. Valentine Isma
Hair Sarah J. Vogler Mary E.
Haldeman Harry H. Wagner Adella M
Heisey Christian Enos Wagner Audree R.
Heisey Esther B Wagner Dora
Heisey Mary E. Wagner Doris Jane
Heisey Mary Jane Wagner Edger K
Hocker E. Lee Wagner Fannie E.
Hocker Helen G. Wagner Franklin G
Hocker infant son Wagner Hannah
Hugendubler Bertha N Wagner Harry E.
Hugendubler Ralph C Wagner Henry K.
Ingram Harold E. Wagner Kenneth R
Ingram Helen R. Wagner Margaret L.
Johnson Maude Yingst Wagner Mark K.
Jones Anne M. Wagner Raymond E.
Jones Frank M. Sr Wagner Sara J.
Jones Mary Jane Wagner William S.
Kieffer Anna Mae Whisler Erma S
Kieffer Eric W. Whisler Norman
Kieffer George W. Yingst Edna E.
Klinger Ellamae S. Yingst Fern
Klinger William H. Yingst John C.
Kramer Kendra L Yingst Leroy
Landis Anna M Yingst Linnie M.
Landis Edward S. Yingst William M.

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